Body Care


Dead Sea Bath Crystals

ALZARA Dead Sea Bath Crystals are mineral-rich salts mixed with essential oils that contribute to cellular health and well-being. Minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and bromides promote relaxation and ease muscle tension and inflammation while softening and hydrating your skin.For more details click here.



Hand Cream

An effective formula that reduces the appearance of fine age lines and spots.  Gives immediate relief for dry, chapped hands. Helps restore hands youthful radiance leaving them noticeably softer and smoother.




Foot Cream

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and other natural extracts, ALZARA Foot Cream softens, cools and rejuvenates tired aching feet. Helps to heal and moisturize cracked dry skin.





Mineral Salt Scrub

ALZARA Mineral Salt Scrub is a special formula fused with effective oils renowned for skin rejuvenation. This gentle rich mineral formula exfoliates, removes hard dead skin and accelerates cell renewal while stimulating blood circulation. Regular use will emulsify fatty tissue, detoxify the body, tone and refine skin texture. When absorbed by the skin, the minerals help in breaking down cellulite, disperse fatty tissue, increase circulation and tone the skin. Mineral Salt Scrub causes a tingly fresh sensation on your skin leaving it clean, smooth, refreshed and slightly fragranced.


Body Moisturizer

A mineral-rich body lotion that deeply moisturizes your skin. It softens and restores the suppleness. Ideal for sensitive and dry skin.



Body Wash

A gentle mineral rich formula that cleanses and refreshes your entire body. It awakens the senses, soothes the soul and nourishes your skin.  It has a lasting moisturizing effect which prevents the skin from drying leaving it smooth, silky and slightly fragranced.

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